Hosting a screening of Ikland for your NGO, school, place of worship, community, or circle of friends is a great way to start vital conversations, question assumptions and raise consciousness.


Just start by filling out the hosting application form below. If you don’t yet have your date and location finalized, don’t worry. Just enter your best guess; you can always change this later.

A free discussion guide, screening tools, and promotional materials are available for groups hosting screenings. And subject to scheduling availability, we now have the ability to offer a Skype Q&A with the director at no additional charge. Please indicate if you would like our director to speak and facilitate discussion with your group in person. Speaking fees are based on the travel costs, size, and scope of your event.


$25 SLIDING SCALE RATE: For small not-for-profit groups on a tight budget.

$75 STANDARD RATE: For medium-sized nonprofit organizations, community groups, places of worship, or public libraries.

$125 LARGE GROUP RATE: For larger organizations, conferences, etc. which plan to screen the film for 100 people or more.

SCREEN NOW, PAY LATER: We trust you. If it works better for your group, use the sliding scale rate now, collect donations at your event, and pay the balance by check or credit card after your screening. We appreciate your support.


$85 K-12 Schools. Includes ongoing classroom and library lending rights.

$225. Colleges and Universities. Includes ongoing classroom and library lending rights.